The #1 product for sub-vendor management.

Source available talent from your trusted sub-vendors, screen candidates, send updates, schedule interviews and analyze key metrics, all in one place.


Everything you need to source talent from sub-vendors.

Share jobs with your sub-vendors

Replace email distribution lists and share your open jobs with a click of a button with all your sub-vendors via Gustav. We integrate directly with your ATS to let you share jobs directly from Bullhorn. Learn more about our ATS integrations.

Create preferred sub-vendor groups

Organize your vendors by categories that suit your needs, from ‘Best Java partners NYC’, to ‘My Global Tier 1 Partners’ and create tired job releases. Part of TechServe Alliance? Share jobs with all TechServe members by joining the TechServe Deal Center powered by Gustav.

Standardize candidate submission data

Set which data points should show up for your sub-vendors when submitting candidates to your jobs. You can make fields required, optional or fully hide them. This way your team gets consistent data quality across all the candidate submissions from sub-vendors.

Source vetted and available candidates

Say goodbye to resumes spamming your mailbox. Source vetted and available candidates from your sub-vendors and screen them all in once place. Create scorecards, review documents and sync everything back into your ATS. Our AI helps you to make the right decision on each candidate.

Create custom hiring pipelines

Build custom recruiting pipelines that match your ATS. A phone interview? Two interview stages? An on-site skill test? You got it. Gustav will give your team a beautiful, visual hiring pipeline that shows you at glance where candidates supplied by your sub-vendors are at any time.

Trigger automated status updates

Drag and drop your candidates through the hiring pipeline and trigger automated notifications to your sub-vendors to keep them in the loop. No more phone calls or emails from your vendors asking for the status of their candidate submission.

Chat and share updates with sub-vendors

Fire off messages to your sub-vendors right from the candidate profile to answer outstanding questions. Send update messages to all of your partners at once or answer critical questions through the Q&A thread on each job. Gustav keeps all your conversations up-to-date and available to your hiring team, so anyone can get up to speed at a moment’s notice.

Schedule Interviews

Eliminate the back and forth of scheduling interviews with your favorite candidate and notifying your vendors – just send them your available times, right from from your hiring pipeline.

Invite your sub-vendors

Don't see your preferred sub-vendors on Gustav yet? Use the power of your network and invite them to join your preferred vendors list through an easy signup link.

Company profiles, ratings & reviews

Vendor profiles that highlight your partners key products, services and certifications. Ratings and reviews help you to quickly filter the right partners to engage with.

Store notes, documents and reviews

Stay complaint and keep track of everything from Master Service agreements, NDAs, W9s. Review COIs, insurance amounts and expiration dates. Store private notes on profiles for you and your team to review.

Track vendor performance

Instantly see the data that matters. And share it with those it matters to most. Gustav's reports provide quick and accurate answers to your executives’ most pressing questions. They’re beautifully designed and easy to read too, so you can just forward them right along to your team. Ask our team for custom reports.