Job Diva

Sync jobs and candidates between Gustav and Bullhorn and save hours of manual work.


What can this integration do?

Gustav’s staffing sub-vendor module now fully integrates with JobDiva and enables you to easily manage all your sub vendors from one dashboard. Seamlessly synch any or all your requisitions and candidates submissions directly to Gustav without ever leaving Bullhorn - it's that simple!

Sync job requisitions
Gustav's Bullhorn integration makes sharing jobs with your sub-vendors a breeze. Seamlessly synch any or all your requisitions. Easily create tiers or groups of vendors and send updates on already shared jobs.

Sync candidate submissions
Receive candidate submittals right where you want to see them, one step closer to hired! Gustav's customized work flow allow you to receive sub-vendor candidate submittals where they make most sense in your process, no more messy inboxes or endless email chains.

Designed to help you find available C2C talent faster than ever ⚡️

Setup automated candidate alerts, chat with vendors, match your jobs with candidates using AI and much more...

Candidate Alerts

Setup candidate alerts by skillsets, locations or job titles. Receive notifications and never miss out any available candidates that fits your jobs. We will also send you a daily digest of candidates that might be interesting for you.


Fire off messages to your vendors right from the candidate profile to answer outstanding questions. Send update messages to all of your vendors at once or answer critical questions through the Q&A.

Candidate Pipeline

A beautiful, visual hiring pipeline that shows you at glance where candidates supplied by your vendors are at any time. Drag and drop candidates and trigger automated notifications to your vendors to keep them in the loop.

AI Matching

Say goodbye to resumes spamming your mailbox. Introducing Gustav matching AI. With a click of a button you can match your open jobs with available candidates. We help you to make the right decision on each candidate faster than ever.

Groups and Communities

Follow and connect with your trusted vendors. Join communities and organize your partners by categories that suit your needs, from ‘Best Java partners NYC’, to ‘My Global Tier 1 Vendors’.

Reports and KPIs

The data you need to drive the outcomes you want. Get actionable insight into every facet of your vendor program. Improve your process and ultimately make better, more informed hiring decisions.

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Why Gustav is the #1 solution for sourcing C2C talent

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Instant access to talent

The only place that gets you 10x faster access to available Corp-to-Corp candidates from trusted vendors.

Trusted vendors in one place

Centralize all your preferred vendors in one place and create a sustainable company-wide C2C vendor program.

Always compliant

Stay compliant. Track insurance amounts, expiration dates of COIs and reduce the likelihood of fake candidates.

Increase your talent pool

Increase your team's talent pool with a click of a button. Place candidates on roles you would have not been able to fill otherwise.

Save your team's time

Let your recruiters spend less time on manual vendor management and more time on what matters most. Placing available candidates.

Measure and improve

Track performance with analytics and key metrics like time to fill, submit to fill ratios, overall partner performance, diversity spend and much more.

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