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What is the Hotlist?

The Hotlist is the only dedicated place online for Corp-2-Corp hiring.

Recruiters can instantly post, search and connect with new clients and partners to make faster candidate placements.

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How does the Hotlist work?


Staffing agencies upload their available candidates to the Hotlist.


You can search available candidates by job titles, skills, work experience and more.


Discover the candidate you are looking for and simply request the candidate’s resume directly from the agency with a click of a button.


Chat directly with the agency to exchange more information, schedule interviews and make the right hires faster than ever.

How much does the Hotlist cost?

The Hotlist is free to use with unlimited candidate requests while in BETA.

Who is the Hotlist for?

Every tech recruiter that is looking for available Corp 2 corp tech talent is invited to search the Hotlist and request candidates for free.

Professionals involved in contract staffing and corp-2-corp recruitment, including bench sales recruiters and C2C recruiters are invited to add their available candidates to the Hotlist for free.

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