About us.

Why we build Gustav

We are on a simple mission. Making flexible work work
better. For everyone.

  • Outlook

    Today’s modern workforce is changing rapidly. More and more companies around the globe are adapting a flexible talent model. Very soon, more than 50% of our working population will not be in a traditional employment relation anymore but engaging in flexible jobs as temporary workers, contractors, freelancers or consultants. The gig economy is here.

  • Status Quo

    Sadly, the contingent workforce supply chain is broken. Traditional contingent workforce management products don’t reflect how we want work, making us inefficient and slow. They lack human-centered design. They lack AI. We are here to change that.

  • Why we do it

    We spent much of our time wrestling with traditional, clunky software products and staffing services that don’t reflect how we wanted to work. This experience inspired us to build a company that is fundamentally changing the next decades of work. We believe that with state of the art technology paired with dedicated contingent workforce experts, we can build the global operating system for flexible work and enable flexible employment for everyone around the world.

Let’s make flexible work work better. For everyone.
Together. Ready to get started?

We think it's time to move from Excel to excellence.