Connect Gustav with Bullhorn

Sync jobs and candidates between Gustav and Bullhorn to save hours of manual work.

Everything inside Bullhorn

Work with the Gustav tab right inside Bullhorn. There is no need to switch back and forth between tools. Seamlessly synch jobs and candidate submissions between Gustav and Bullhorn - it's that simple!

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Graphic - Lighting fast submissions
Graphic - Lighting fast submissions

Share jobs right out of Bullhorn

Simply open the Gustav tab within your Bullhorn account to share jobs with your sub-vendors with a click of a button.

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Receive candidate submission to Bullhorn

Receive all candidate submissions from your sub-vendor directly to your Web-responses in Bullhorn.

Graphic - No client login required

Trigger automated notifications to your vendors

Simply change candidate stages and statuses in Bullhorn and automatically trigger notifications to your vendors.

Graphic - Instant client feedback

Import files from Bullhorn to Gustav

Attach files from Bullhorn automatically to jobs shared with sub-vendors.

Graphic - Always know when to act

Custom Data sync

Import and sync custom data between Gustav and Bullhorn.

Graphic - Looks great on any device